Heaven Bound

That’s where I’m headed. Heaven, that place where God lives and all those that have accepted His gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. Sound too good to be true? And how can I be so sure? I John 5:13 says that you can know you have eternal life if you believe on the name of […]

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Nicodemus Church

A Promise for Me

I grew up on a large family farm halfway between Lake Wedington and Siloam Springs, Arkansas. I was blessed to have Christian parents and an older brother and sister who were good influences on me. We attended an old country church, Nicodemus Church, a couple of miles down the road from our farm. We went

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From Vice to Victory!

Hello. My name is George Kovach, and I am a born-again Christian. Let me tell you my story. My Dad was a non-practicing Catholic, and my mother a non-practicing Methodist. So my brother, sister, and I were not raised in church, even after my parents divorced and we moved in with my Mom’s parents. I

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Everything Yet Nothing

Have you ever felt like you had just about everything, but in your heart you had nothing? I did! I grew up in a loving home with wonderful, Christian parents. We weren’t rich, but they provided what we needed, and, for the most part, we were happy. I had just about everything I could ask

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