From Vice to Victory!

Hello. My name is George Kovach, and I am a born-again Christian. Let me tell you my story. My Dad was a non-practicing Catholic, and my mother a non-practicing Methodist. So my brother, sister, and I were not raised in church, even after my parents divorced and we moved in with my Mom’s parents. I …

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Everything Yet Nothing

Have you ever felt like you had just about everything, but in your heart you had nothing? I did! I grew up in a loving home with wonderful, Christian parents. We weren’t rich, but they provided what we needed, and, for the most part, we were happy. I had just about everything I could ask …

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Alone with God

Society around us constantly informs us that everyone is different. Yet we all have one basic similar need – something to fill the emptiness inside of us. Each of us experiences it at times. Maybe we don’t feel it when we’re out having fun with friends or studying for a big exam, but when we’re …

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All I Need to Know

For twenty years I believed I was saved. When I was two, I “asked Jesus into my heart” and was baptized shortly after that. Over the years I learned more about the Bible and Biblical principles. Prophecy was my favorite subject, and I learned so much I thought I knew when the rapture was to …

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Agnostic Finds Truth

Hi. My name is Brian Disney. I have a master’s degree in electrical engineering, did doctoral work in bio-medical engineering, and have a doctorate in education. I am the past director for standards for a large corporation, was involved in the Mars Mariner project, am a member of three honorary fraternities for academic excellence (TBP, …

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