How To Write Your Testimony of Salvation

How To Write Your Testimony of Salvation

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Writing your testimony of salvation is as easy as answering five questions.

After answering the following questions, combine them into a single essay of five or six paragraphs. Some people use their testimonies to make their own personalized Gospel tract.

Question one.

When were you saved?

  • This helps people understand that salvation occurs at a point in time when you accept God’s invitation to save you.
  • You are not Christian because you are born into a Christian family or gradually become a Christian over time.

Question two.

What helped you become a Christian?

  • Describe how important people or events helped you make the decision to become a Christian.
  • Question three.

    Why did you become a Christian?

  • Explain why you thought it was important for you to make the decision to become a Christian.
  • Question four.

    How did you become a Christian?

  • Explain what you did to become a Christian.
  • This is the most important part of your testimony. It’s your opportunity to share with others how to accept God’s invitation too.
  • Question five.

    Why do you encourage others to be Christians?

    Salvation is the most important thing that can ever happen to you. Being saved means that your destiny has changed from eternal death to eternal life.

    It follows then that the most important thing you can write about or talk about is how God saved you. Here is what to do next:

    1. Answer the questions.
    2. Combine your answers into one essay.
    3. Share your testimony by sending it to friends and family.


    Click here to read examples of testimonies written by members of MBBC.

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