I Was Going to Hell

I Was Going to Hell

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I know, 100% for sure, without a doubt that if I were to die tonight, I would go to heaven. I haven’t always known this, nor has it always been true.

At one time, I was actually going to hell.

Let me tell you how I came to the point that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was going to heaven.

When I was seven years old, I asked Jesus to come into my heart and save me from my sins. After this, I received little or no spiritual training and, as a result, I experienced little spiritual growth.

A couple of years after this, I was placed into a Christian school which I attended until I graduated. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until eleventh grade that I actually started to listen and understand what was being taught in Bible class.

At this time, I began to doubt whether or not I was actually saved. This bothered me for a while and I began to pray every night asking God to save me but unsure if he had or not.

After I graduated, I started going to church at Mission Blvd Baptist Church. This was the first time that I received real spiritual training. I was going to a Bible study every night of the week and was soaking up every bit of it. After about a year and a half, a revival swept through church, and people who were previously teaching Bible studies were now getting saved. I was not left unaffected.

At this same time, I began to doubt my own salvation. It was a long time ago, and I was just a kid. Did I really mean it? Was I really saved? Not knowing what to do, I went to my best friend’s house. I knew that he would not be home, but I also knew that his mom would be. We talked and prayed for a couple of hours, and then my friend came home, and we talked and prayed for a few more hours. The entire time that we were talking, we went through the steps of salvation several times.

Finally, I began to realize that God wants to save me. He wants to save me so much that He came down and died for me so that I could be saved. If I believed that Jesus was God and that He died in my place for my sins, and if I believed that and truly accepted his offer of salvation, then I had to be saved. It is impossible for me not to be saved if I have done all of that.

The following Wednesday, Bro. Brian was preaching on doubting your salvation. He said that if you have come to the place where you are not sure that you are saved, don’t try to think back about the time you got saved.

Look at your life now. If you believe that Christ died on the cross for your sins, and you are truly accepting his offer now, then right now you are saved, and it doesn’t matter what happened before.

That is what I did that night over at my friend’s house. I was already saved, but Satan had been causing me to doubt my salvation off and on for a while, and God said that tonight is the night. I needed to get this behind me so that I could move on in my spiritual growth.

I John 5:13 says that you can know that you have eternal life.

This is how you can know.

First you have to realize that God is absolutely righteous. He can’t even look on sin. If you have even told a lie, then you are not good enough to go to heaven.

Then believe that God loves you so much that he sent His Son to die on a cross to pay for your sins.

Then pray, make Jesus the Lord of your life, and accept His offer of salvation.

He will change you, and you will know without doubt that when you die you will go to heaven and spend eternity with Christ Jesus.

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