No field of ministry is a better fit for Christ’s proclamation that the fields are white unto harvest than a college community. Bright, young, talented leaders gathered into one location are energetic and hopeful. Students are eager to learn and are searching for truth and answers to life’s questions.

CDM Leaders’ Testimonies

Dr. Briney and his wife, Colleen, have spent their lives devoted to ministry as missionaries to academic communities. They have seen many changes. Both experienced the college culture as students. Colleen was saved at UCLA and persuaded Pat to contact a Christian leader on his campus at UCI.

Pat found answers to his questions and converted from atheism to Christianity. His study in the natural sciences demanded answers about creation and evolution. In addition, the college environment exposed him to the increasing philosophical complexities and challenges of culture between humanism and Biblical doctrines. So he specialized in Christian apologetics and discipled students in how to defend their faith as they developed their skills to win souls and make disciples.

As a graduate student, Dr. Briney founded the Creation Science Society at the University of Arkansas and brought in scientists to speak about creation science. He founded the Leadership Training Institute of America to offer summer training to students in Biblical world view warfare strategies. He developed the Summer Training and Missions Program (STAMP) to prepare students for personalized ministries as disciples and authored books and study guides for training students in apologetics and discipleship.

In addition, Dr. Briney conducts creation science seminars, Biblical world view conferences, a variety of science seminars, and leads discipleship and Christian leadership seminars.

Students at MBBC have opportunities to train and equip themselves with effective evangelism and apologetic tools. Dr. Briney and Colleen offer personal discipleship training to promising young disciples. Students are always encouraged to develop their skills and to reach their fullest potential in God’s will.

A Little History Background

MBBC originated from a ministry at the University of Arkansas called Reality Sessions, at the time led by Dr. Brian Disney. From this ministry came Rick and Mary Saldivar, who discipled students in the campus ministry.

As students, Pat Briney and his wife, Colleen, participated in the campus ministry and eventually became the collegiate leaders for MBBC in 1980. Under Dr. Briney’s leadership, the campus ministry came to be known as the Collegiate Discipleship Ministry (CDM).

More Than A Sunday School Class

The Collegiate Discipleship Ministry is more than a church college ministry. It is a ministry that reaches into academic communities as mission fields led by missionaries. Here are some of the highlights of the CDM ministry.

We train leaders to multiply disciples for Christ by discipling disciples to disciple disciples. We are “Students of the Word,” fulfilling the Matthew 28:19-20 Great Commission of Jesus Christ to save the lost and train disciples in all nations, baptizing and teaching them in the Biblical doctrines of Jesus Christ.

We train to be disciples in order to train others to be disciples. We teach Bible studies, witness, and fellowship together as well as engage in personal study, prayer, and devotion. We are committed to reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through academic communities.

A Vision Worthy to Pursue

We have an ambitious vision to serve our Lord Jesus Christ by expanding our ministries into every area of ministry possible. We pray continually for laborers who share our vision to reach the world with the Gospel. Our activities are designed for outreach, fellowship, and spiritual development.

Ask the Lord about your role in working with CDM as a member, a leader, or an intern.

We welcome you to join us.

We are asking the Lord to bless us with more members and to enlarge His ministry with us to reach more of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Check out our Facebook page to find out about meeting times! That is all there is to it.
We hope to see you at our next meeting!

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