Where You Can Find MBBC Sermons

You can now search for our sermons directly here on the website.

Please click the search icon below to open up your search criteria (topic, speaker, date, etc.). 
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Sermons by Dr. Brian Disney, Pastor

Our sermons are live streamed each Wednesday and Sunday.  Click the button to the right to access live streaming on this website.  Live streaming is also available on our YouTube channel and

You can also find the MBBC sermons on our YouTube channel. Click the button to the right to go to Mission Blvd. Baptist Church on YouTube. (The sermons are also live streamed here each Wednesday and Sunday.)

Find a listing of all the sermons preached at Mission Blvd. Baptist Church on You will also find testimonies by members and inspirational devotions. This list is updated weekly so you can listen to the most current messages. Click the button to the right to go to  The MBBC ID is missionblvdbaptist.

The messages preached at MBBC are Biblical milk and meat of the Word. Insights are sharpened, understanding is deepened, and vision is clarified.

Speakers seek the Lord’s guidance to prepare and present messages that meet the needs of the congregation. Messages feed the babes in Christ with milk and the spiritually mature with meat.

The Bible is our textbook. The Holy Spirit is our Comforter. The church is our family training center. MBBC sermons blend all three together to nurture listeners.

Sermons at MBBC cover the whole counsel of God, from Biblical doctrine to Biblical counsel, from Biblical character to Biblical application, from Genesis to Revelation, and from Old Testament to New Testament.

Sermons share the wisdom of God from the Word of God and show the practical ways to apply God’s Word to everyday living. Men, women, and children of all ages are fed with the nourishing Words of Christ from His inspired Word.

Sermons inspire believers to live for God and to trust in Christ. Sermons feed the hungry souls with spiritual food and give vision to understand the times in order to know what we ought to do.

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