The media ministry goal is to provide the necessary media to further the other ministries of the church. The current use of this ministry to the church is to provide sound, lighting, and multimedia presentation for all services in the church building. For the church and community, we record audio and video of services and make these available through the church’s website.

Currently, there are opportunities to serve in this ministry in at least three areas. First, we need more people to be available to do all the current tasks of providing media during church services (ex: sound, video, presentation, lighting). Second, there is opportunity for anyone who would like to take part in editing sound or video for future presentation. A third option for service would be for those people who see methods of providing content outside of the current channels. There are many options for sharing the gospel through media, and we would love to help others plan and implement any new or unique methods of sharing the gospel through media.

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Ron McGathy

MBBC Media Director

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