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Our culture today of Biblical illiteracy, moral bankruptcy, and lack of trained leaders in the discipleship skills of Jesus Christ demands a proper response. Mission Blvd. Baptist Church academic missionary Dr. Patrick Briney founded Leadership Training Institute of America (LTIA) to help other churches and Christian leaders respond.

Dr. Briney earned his Ph.D. in microbiology at the University of Arkansas and experienced first hand the censorship and intimidation of an anti-Christian culture. Converting from atheism and evolution to Christianity and creation science gives him personal insights into how to reach a culture of skeptics. In addition, as a missionary to college campuses for more than forty years, Dr. Briney knows about training disciples. LTIA training includes an exceptional blend of Dr. Briney’s experiences, Biblical training, and insights into today’s culture along with the exceptional mentoring and leadership skills of staff from other churches.

LTIA students have fun while growing in boldness to defend their faith. They are inspired by meetings with national leaders who share a relevant Christian world view. Students gain a deep understanding of our culture, world view conflict, and the fundamentals of Christian leadership. Equipped with knowledge and personalized instruction, students are challenged to share their experiences and training with others to initiate discipleship in their own churches.

Register today at www.ltia.org for the annual June national LTIA conference in Washington, D.C. It will be an experience of a lifetime worth talking about. For more information, call Patrick Briney at the Mission Blvd. Baptist Church office (479-442-2565) or send an email to ltia@ltia.org.

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Patrick Briney, Ph.D.

LTIA Founder and President

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