End Times Series by Dr. Brian Disney

This series of sermons covers many aspects of the end times in the Bible. It starts with Palm Sunday and the first coming of Christ all the way to God dealing with Israel and the Tribulation period.


How To Write Your Testimony of Salvation

Writing your testimony of salvation is as easy as answering five questions. After answering the following questions, combine them into a single essay of five or six paragraphs. Some people use their testimonies to make their own personalized Gospel tract. Question one. When were you saved? This helps people understand that salvation occurs at a …

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Culture is the social characteristics of thinking and behaving in and of a group. The group maintains those characteristics and thinking by its influence upon itself and enlarges its adherents by its influence upon others. Most cultures have based their social characteristics and behavior upon a core set of values and principles (worldviews) which are …


Happy Thanksgiving

Thankful For God’s Goodness

Dr. Briney presented this lesson Sunday morning at the Mission Blvd. Baptist Church November 21, 2021. The message presents a very positive outlook on being thankful to God and serving Him fearlessly regardless of circumstances in the world. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We have a lot to be thankful for—our families, our friends, our church …

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