Atheist Believes in the Bible

Atheist Believes in the Bible

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I am a converted atheist. I went through the stages of believing in God, then wondering if there was a God, then not believing in Him, then wondering again, and finally believing in Him.

My personal journey is like many others, and perhaps like yours, a search for answers and information so I could make an intelligent decision. It was my fear that I would accept something that was not true. Like anybody else, I do not want to be superstitious or gullible. I thought long and hard about this problem, and finally settled the issue.

I found myself at least admitting that there are good reasons not to doubt God’s existence. In fact, being honest, I had to admit that it was much more reasonable to believe in God than to deny Him. And the more I study the subject, the more empirically obvious it becomes that there must be a God.

The first law of thermodynamics says that energy cannot be created naturally. Yet, atheists propose that out of nothing a singularity appeared from which came all that exists in the universe. This is not rational!

The second law of thermodynamics makes it impossible for the universe to have always existed. The law of biogenesis states that living cells must naturally come from living cells. But atheists propose living cells came from lifeless molecules, which is contrary to the science and experiences of today!

These three laws of science force a rational person to conclude that there must be a God. The universe and living cells could not begin without God! The atheist position is irrational, incoherent, and intellectually dumbfounding.

But what finally pushed me over the edge was prayer, which led to a personal experience with God. I know God. I cannot prove to you my personal experience with God. But you cannot disprove my experience nor deny me my experience. The realness of my experience with God is not determined by my ability to prove it to someone else. My experience is real and true regardless of whether others believe it or see it. For me, the empirical evidence was convincing; and satisfactorily removed the excuses not to believe in God. It is apparent to me that what really does not exist are the arguments against God’s existence.

Empiricism continues to affirm what I already know to be true and presents a convincing case for others to investigate the certainty of what I and most of humanity know to be true. From my vantage point, God wants to prove Himself to you, one on one. He reserves the personal experience of proof, between you and Him, on the basis of faith.

I am not talking about a blind leap of faith. I am talking about a Biblical faith that draws you and assures you that you can trust God. I am solid in my belief that God does exist: intellectually, empirically, and by faith. God wants you to know Him. He wants to confirm this in your heart by faith. There are no good excuses to deny Him.

As the Spirit of God tugs at your heart to give in to Him, do not resist. Instead talk to God and listen to Him. Ask Him to convince you and to help you overcome the fear of yielding to Him.

I did without regret.

It was the best thing I ever did, and I did not have to sacrifice reason. In fact God invites you say, “Come, let us reason.” Knowing God is reasonable. But you can know God only through Jesus Christ.

If you have questions that I can help you with, just write me.

There are answers for skeptics.

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